Our work in Las Vegas

In a short time, we've helped connect some of the largest stakeholders in Las Vegas.
Our History

We’ve come a long way.

We've been working intimately with the Re-Entry Team at Clark County Detention Center (CCDC) in Las Vegas and have enrolled a number of qualified candidates entering the job market. As well, we’ve partnered with local nonprofits like Las Vegas FIT (Foundation for an Independent Tomorrow), which annually provides around 2,500 Clark County residents with essential services and comprehensive employment training. On the other side, we’re partnering with local companies of various sizes, helping to facilitate scaled hiring for larger employers and one-to-one selection for hiring managers at smaller businesses. We’ve been coordinating directly with HR teams to provide profiles that match precise hiring expectations.
December, 2020
LVMPD Onboarded
We held a roundtable with the Re-Entry Team and community liaisons to specify our process and establish a working timeline
January, 2020
First People Enrolled
We enrolled our first ten inmates after conducting two days of extended, one-on-one interviews
February, 2020
Partnerships with Nonprofits
We officially partnered with Las Vegas FIT and many others to our first class of freshly-skilled clients and resources.
February, 2020
Employer Partnerships
We partnered with multiple employers in the Las Vegas area to hire from our talent pool.
February, 2020
First People Hired

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